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Only the ground units (units that have no neighbors underneath them) can have the wood floor.   If you are a buyer, please be aware that this rule will apply strictly.  See page 40 of the ByLaws: ” (j) Wall to wall carpeting and padding shall be maintained on all floor surfaces (excluding kitchens, closets, bathrooms and those areas with wood floors provided by Declarant) in Units located over other Units to adequately reduce transmission of sound between Units.”  

AC Unit Replacement
See the detailed instruction by clicking on here.  You need to contact the management (Ms. Shaquida Ano,;You can cc fairfield_house @ for approval for exact AC units that meet size regulation (AC replatement forms).  The dimension specs for ACs are:   

  • For all main level and middle level units – (average) 26”x26” and no more than 125 lbs.​
  • For all upper level units – no larger than 29”x29” and no more than 180 lbs.

The air conditioning units are located on the roof. The contractor will need a 12-ft ladder to reach the access panel to the roof.  Please make sure your contractor has a large enough ladder.  A crane is required to remove and replace the AC units.  The crane shall not block access to any portion of the community and create a fire hazard.  Residents must arrange for vehicles to be removed so that the crane can park in the parking slots.  (FYI: for the actual process of a contractor installing it and how to prep for it, there is a memo of how a resident did it.  Click here.)

Pet Rules and Registration
Residents may keep one dog (under 40 lbs) or cat and one bird within their unit. All pets need to be registered with FFH management. The corresponding Pet Fee is due by July 1st of each year in the amount of $25.00 per cat and $100 per dog.  Scroll down to find forms.  The pet rules and registration form can be downloaded by clicking here (“Fairfield House Policy Resolution 11-2 (Rules and Regulations Regarding Pets and Registration Form)”.  Send the form and a check to CMC (Attention Layton Wilson, 4840 Westfields Boulevard, Suite 300, Chantilly, VA 20151).

*Rule 11a: Cigarettes, cigars, etc. may NOT be disposed of or extinguished on any of the Common or Limited Areas in any manner other than in a proper receptacle. Violations of this rule will be reported to the Fairfax County Fire Marshall. Please think of your neighbors and dispose of cigarette butts in the proper container and not on any of the common ground or walkways.

Pet Walking
*Rule20/20a: Outer perimeter of the property around the parking lot is for walking pets. The outer perimeter is defined as the borders of FFH property and not the interior property, or property at the base of the buildings. Pets are not to be walked on the inside of the property (around the pond and tennis court) or in front. Pet owners are responsible for the immediate removal and proper disposal of any fecal or waste matter left by their pets in common areas.
Please note that Fairfax County has a “Leash Law” and a “pooper-scooper” law.

*Remember to be kind to your neighbors.  Please keep the volume of any radio, stereo, television, home theater/game system, musical instrument, exercise equipment, vacuum cleaners and/or cleaning equipment, or other sound producing device (i.e., mechanical, plumbing, or electrical) reduced at all times so as not to disturb your neighbors.

Please note that loud and excessive noise after 10 pm and before 8 am is in violation of the Fairfield House Rules and Regulations.  Authorities will be called for disturbances during these times.

*Porches and balconies should be free of clutter and in a good state of preservation. Please take time to check if your porch or balcony is in need of cleaning.

*Electric grills can be used on patios or balconies but must be unplugged after use.

*Charcoal grills can be stored on a patio or balcony but when in use they must be placed 15 ft away from the building per the Fairfax County Fire Code.  There are two charcoal grills available on either side of the tennis court for use.  After use, extinguish hot charcoal grills with water.

*No propane grills are allowed to be stored or used.

Tennis Courts
Motorcycles, bicycling, roller skating and roller blading are not permitted in the gazebo or on the tennis court or breezeways. The tennis court is to be used strictly for playing tennis. Animals are not permitted on the tennis court. Children under the age of 12 years are not allowed on the tennis court without adult supervision. Writing or drawing on the sidewalks, breezeways or any other common grounds with chalk or any other material of any type is prohibited.

Neighborhood Watch
Fairfield House participates in a passive neighborhood watch. This means that residents should be on the lookout for suspicious behavior and anything out of the ordinary. We all need to do our part to keep our community safe. Please report any issues to the Fairfax County Police (703-691-2131).

The links below are the governing documents of Fairfield House.

Fairfield House Bylaws

Insurance document 2020-2021

Fairfield House Handbook

Fairfield House Rules and Regulations

Pet registration form

AC replacement policy flyer (updated 4/14/20)

Fairfield House Policy Resolution 95-1 (Enforcement)

Fairfield House Policy Resolution 96-3 (Trash and Storage Enforcement)

Fairfield House Policy Resolution 97-1 (Parking)

Fairfield House Policy Resolution 08-* Policy and procedures concerning the collection of charges, fees, and assessments (uploaded 12-22-2019)

Fairfield House Policy Resolution 09-1 (Windows)

Fairfield House Policy Resolution 09-2 (Water Service Suspension)

Fairfield House Policy Resolution 09-3 (Smoking Ban)

Fairfield House Policy Resolution 10-1 (Covenants Committee Charter)

Fairfield House Policy Resolution 11-1 (Replacement of HVAC Units)

Fairfield House Policy Resolution 11-2 (Rules and Regulations Regarding Pets and Registration Form)

Fairfield House Administrative Resolution 12-1 (uploaded 12/22/2019)

Fairfield House Policy Resolution 12-1 Policy Required under Virginia law for the receipt and resolution of complaints (uploaded 12/22/2019)

Fairfield House Policy Resolution 14-1 (Responsibility of Owners to Engage in Preventive Maintenance, Prompt Repairs and Timely Replacement of Components within Unit)

Fairfield House Vehicle Registration Form

Fairfield House Policy Resolution 14-14 (Policy and Procedures Concerning the Leasing of Residential Units)