• President’s Remarks December 5, 2019

    December 6, 2019
  •                       President’s Remarks December 5, 2019

    Since the Annual Meeting the following maintenance items have been completed.  Hoses stored for winter; water turned off where needed.  Heaters in loft units checked.  We replaced a heater in building #09. Kolb Electric took care of that.  Some more of the stairs were painted. We have more to complete due to residents taking down the yellow caution ribbon before the steps were dry.  As soon as we get a  55-degree day we will repaint where needed.  Please use the other stairway if this happens in your building. We took the stair treads that we took off the steps and donated them to Habitat for Humanity.  We have the tax write off for the donation. New orange pails were purchased for all buildings for the ice melt to be used on the entrance steps when it snows or ice forms.  You remove the lid on the bucket and there is a scoop to spread the ice melt. This is job the residents do for safety.

    Some of the wood rot has been repaired.  Reston Painting will continue as long as the weather makes it possible.  We have had several jobs with the wood rot during this last month. We have had two sprinklers heads repaired by Guardian our vendor for this job. A number of residents have needed help with water links of various kinds.  This takes time to find out the source and then get the repairs taken care of. Our fountain stays running all winter. No more patio panels will be painted until March.

    Northern VA Deck and Fence will be repairing the enclosure gates.  They will weld hinges on existing gate doors. The gates will be leveled out. All burnt boards will we replaced.   This is the company that built the enclosures.

    We are talking with Katchmark, the siding company about repairing the area near the roof line of #09 where squirrels have gone under the siding on the top corner.  We must check into when that building had the siding done. Remember the siding on the buildings was done at 3 different times. All buildings were not sided at the same time.

    There are two top ceilings #37 and #21 that need be repaired now.  Also #17 is quite bad also.  These are ceilings on the top floors. W. R. Restoration has completed the work on #25, #05 and #01.  They also have done the flat roofs on some of the buildings.  Their work has been excellent.

    I would like to comment on the Garbage that we have here at FFH. Mike spends a great deal of time on breaking down boxes for the dumpster.  Residents don’t care. We have asked them to break up the boxes.  If you put boxes in the dumpster or the recycling

    and don’t break them down then real garbage has no room. Also, residents are still putting large pieces of furniture in the enclosures or putting it out way before Wed. night for a Thursday pick up. This means that we have to call for an extra pick up to get rid of the furniture.  Please tell you neighbors to follow the rules. The dumpster area of any condo property tells the story of who lives on that property.  We want it neat and clean. We are lucky to have the trash place down the street on West Ox Road.  You can take you glass bottles down there.  They have a special place for glass.  Also, we do not have space her for purple glass bins.

    The Landscape Report is short this month.  The usual jobs for the grass have been completed.  Shawn Mahoney called today and apologized because in looking at his calendar he was looking at the wrong week for us for the leaf pick up.  They are going to try and come tomorrow but early next week for sure. 

    The tall grasses are trimmed in January, roses and some trees will also be trimmed at that time.