• Web Editor’s note

    May 5, 2019
  • 10/3/2019 I cut down on the number of menu items and made it easier for people to find infor I also put the flyer about road painting.

    9/20/2019 (approximate date): I put the minutes.

    9/10/2019 I uploaded the newsletter (Fall 2019).

    9/ 8 / 2019 I uploaded the August minutes (this was late). I also added the President’s remark document from the meeting.
    I also added Twins Ace Hardware store’s information for fixing screen windows — per request at the board meeting.


    July 10th 2019. I uploaded a draft minutes of June meeting.

    June 7th 2019: I put the bylaw doc direct link on the front page.

    I replaced the May minutes with the final version.

    June 5th 2019: Updated AC form and flyer.

    May xxth 2019: Draft minutes from May meeting.

    New newsletter

    May 13th 2019: Uploaded Memo on AC replacement (based on experience).

    May 6th 2019: Added a room number for the June 2019 meeting.

    May 5th 2019: Uploaded the March minutes. Posted about Garage sale. Backed-up the website files. Added a couple of things to update the website front page (e.g., facebook group page).