• Replacing AC at Fairfield House

    August 10, 2017
  • This PDF file will help you learn about replacing AC at Fairfield House Comdominium:

    AC Flyer copy

    Here is what the file says:

    If you are planning or needing to replace your air conditioner, Fairfield House
    Condominium Policy requires unit owners to submit a written application with
    required accompanying contractor documents to the Board for review.
    Unit owners own their air condensing units and are responsible for its replacement
    and repair. The placement of them on the roof is part of the common elements under
    the responsibility of the Association. These policies preserve the roofs from damage
    and protect personal safety.

    See the FFH website ffhcondos.com for the full policy.

    Contact Jon Bach, Portfolio Manager, CMC, 703-631-7200 with questions.

    ✓Air condensing units should be approximately 24 X 24 inches and no more than 165
    pounds in weight.
    ✓A written application MUST be submitted by the unit owner to the Board
    with required accompanying contractor documents 15 days prior to installation for
    approval. See ffhcondos.com for Rules/Policy on Replacement of HVAC Condensing
    Units on Rooftops for application.
    ✓The unit owner is responsible for renting a crane to install the air condensing unit
    on the roof.

    Two popular makes of HVACs are: Goodman #GSX13030 and
    Trane 4TTB3024 up flow.